L’edizione del amore

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’d like to be a human conversation heart to some inspirations in my life. Sugary, but communicative, though I won’t promise to be succinct or chalky.

Much like you (the one rolling your eyes), I don’t believe Valentine’s Day should exist as it stands today. My husband knows not to get me flowers or candy because, I’m sorry, what is that all about? I do cherish the stuffed gorilla in satin heart boxers he bought me in high school as a memory of our teenage love, but by golly, there is no need for plush creatures in my life. They take up space, sometimes stare at you inappropriately and gosh darn it, I just don’t get it. The prescribed sentiment of Valentine’s Day, to me, is better diluted into the remainder 364 days of the year where a simple “I love you,” “I’ll do the dishes” or “Here’s that Robert Downey Jr. magazine I saw you drooling over” goes a lot farther than a cellophane-wrapped oversized silk rose from the front yard of those people’s house by the park.

However, I would like to take the opportunity to honor what I love this Feast Day of Saint Valentine (who, whoever he was, is no doubt rolling over in his grave right now at the thought of the last-minute sale at Castle Boutique).

Because the things I love are what fill in the coloring book that was drawn up by the people I love. Ahem, I’d like to express myself in a list. Lists are rad.

Get your own Top Ten List card after some sweet shopping at Frances Vintage

Valentine's Day card project 2008

Valentine's Day card project 2010

Courtesy of Paperspring.com


2 thoughts on “L’edizione del amore

  1. I feel the same way about plush animals and pretty much anything you can buy this time of year at the Walmarts or Circle K in the special holiday sections. No es bueno! 🙂

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