Bentos, the Lunchmaker

If I have to bring my own lunch to work everyday until Eastertime, I’m going to have to have fun with it.

I’d been ogling the School Lunches from Weelicious for some time now and even though my little one doesn’t yet have teeth, I bought a set. I was surprised to see they’re actually a decent size. So, I’m using them for adult food. And I’ve ordered another set in pink. Like, good pink, not wussy pink.

Here is my first attempt at the bento box lunch, featuring Cooking Light Rosemary Chicken Salad. I present you… tomorrow’s Work Lunch…

Ruby red grapefruit, blueberries, kiwi, carrots, hothouse cucumber, rosemary chicken salad in wheat wrap, broccoli slaw

4 thoughts on “Bentos, the Lunchmaker

  1. wow, that is fancy. i dont even eat meals like that at home… lol. too bad your mom doesnt work at my school still… otherwise id say make me one too and send it w/ her! ahah jk

  2. Oh man… can I talk some bento with you! I have a bunch of them – including some boxes that I ordered from Japan. If you need resources for ideas let me know. You can do a search on my blog for bento too – I’m pretty sure there’s a tag for that. I haven’t been doing them since I got pregnant and now I’m at home, so no need to pack myself a lunch.

    Weelicious is just the tip of the iceberg.

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