April 12 of 12

This month's 12 of 12 caught a quiet day amidst a bunch of crazy days.

Construction for life!

I picked my new desk location almost exclusively on the fact that a major view was of these files which happen to be in my favorite color. That's not true. But it feels true.

The new city view

I hardly ever wear pink.

100-cal dark chocolate break. I'm telling you. Most boring day ever.

Theme dinner on the horizon. I'm going to talk like Sebastian all day.

West Coast-style "I Like Bugs;" check it out.

Mama can't let gift cards burn a hole in her pocket. We shop.

And then we do laundry.

Seeing as how I make 75% of the boy's food, these jars will last us for.ev.er.

Procrastination. Choices. Sleepy. I mean, choices.

3 thoughts on “April 12 of 12

  1. Love: tulips in the laundry room, blue file cabinets, baby cheeks. My very first job ever was in the building in your city view, when I was fifteen. Good times.

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