July 12 of 12

Another bridesmaid dress enters retirement.

I can only think of Monsters, Inc. when I see this.

This blouse inexplicably reminds me of my late Nana Mickey.

Life is a lined notebook paper of cherries.

These stairs used to scare me as a library customer and now that I take them many times every day, I can safely say I'm still just as scared of them.

Same? Or different?

"Clarence and the Great Surprise" makes me want to try my hand at watercolor again, even though I'm awful at it.

Costco, you've made yourself a nice little pasta salad. Bravo.

Switched cars with my mama for the day.

I'm convinced my life would be more lovely if I looked like Sophia Loren.

The child contemplates his first calamari, but, sadly, the greasy batter taints the whole experiment.

One of my many, many houseguests this weekend. She's saying "good morning," but what she means is "good night."

One thought on “July 12 of 12

  1. Great photos this month. I’m so mad at myself that I forgot! We took Bubba to Carraba’s a while back and he refused to eat anything except calamari and bread. Silly baby.

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