November 12 of 12

Buenos dias.

Opened right to Scout Finch in my magazine. Just sayin'.

I want this website to be as lovely as I think it is.

Yes, I steal people's birthday gifts if they are in my favorite color. Sorry.

I thought my presentation needed this graphic.

The man in line in front of us had quite the night planned.

Caught red-handed with my new Farm Chicks Santa napkins.

My mama's famous Mexican rice.

That's right. I'm working on Christmas cards. They take a long time.


They were, indeed, the Perfect Brownies.

I love Christmas. What?

One thought on “November 12 of 12

  1. I’m getting caught up on my blogs! Moving + hospital stay means I’m way behind. I love your photos this month. I put peas in my rice too and people always act like it’s weird.

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