January 12 of 12

It began a Crunch Berries kind of day.

My old stomping grounds.

Chinese New Year-styled work luncheon. I'm a metal rooster.

Bag of tricks.

Checked it out. I might read it. There's really no way to know for sure.

This dog was totally flirting with me in traffic.

The only house on the block with their Christmas lights still up. Incidentally, the only house on the block with a one-year-old.



Got this old print at an Art History Club sale. Framed it. It's fancy now.

Snacktime was just picked up off the rug. Snapping this while giving a stern look.

Falling behind on my crosswords. The weeks are "passing by quickly (8 letters)" .

Saw an okay movie whose name is escaping me. IMDB'd everyone in it and realized I'm close in age to a lot of people I thought were much older than me. Also, Valentines came in (excited giggle).


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