March 12 of 12

Good morning! This is a hot week for houseguests.

Someone on Etsy (Tuesday Mourning) made a print to commemorate my favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! song (performed by The Roots).

I'm going through a pretty hardcore cookbook-collecting phase right now.

You do me, I do you.

Today, my mom taught me how to eat a cupcake with less mess. Unwrap the treat, pull apart the bottom from the top, place bottom on top of frosting and you've got yourself a cupcake sandwich. My mother is ridiculously cute.

The night before, I finished It. Maybe I'll actually pay attention to that ever-mounting pile of cookbooks on the table.

Not before I visit the soon-to-be-closed Borders and add unnecessarily to the pile.


If my child begged for bubbles before...

Nothing says mom and sister time like the timeless shenanigans of the Brady/Horton/DiMera clans.

Suddenly my whole family was in the back yard looking at the alleged space station ascending into the heavens. My iPhone captured something twinkly and moving. I can't really tell you I was looking at the right thing.

Obsession alert: Cake pops.

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