July 12 of 12

Morning dash. These sandals got retired today. No support. They suck at being shoes.

I guess my neighbor's tree split in half over night?


Leftovers from a training I did. Stashed them in a drawer to calm my fear of dying of dehydration.

Fast food toys from when the people ignored my request for toddler-safe toys.

I'm on a lentils and Greek yogurt kick.

Our produce delivery is all about the plums and pluots these days.

Plums and pluots stain.

Pit stop at one of my favorite local boutiques, Purple Lizard. Mama needs a new Mexican oil cloth coupon wallet.

Bad mom. Dad's at All-Star game eating badly, so we will follow suit. *they gave me the toddler toy this time.

Someone learned how to turn pages on an eBook (and his life is forever changed).

Empty box to be exchanged for an overnight delivery of what I can only imagine to be more fruit that'll stain my clothes.

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