Christmastime Movietime: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

This year, I decided to give myself an early Christmas gift: relaxation. Despite accounts that it makes “people sick” or that I’m “a crazy person” because I have all my Christmas decorations up and all my gifts wrapped under a decorated tree, I would like to argue that I won’t be the one running around traffic and stores in December or messily scrawling addresses on Christmas card envelopes. Sitting at home with friends and family 7-8 months pregnant watching holiday movies sounds much more appropriate for fostering the whole “peace on earth and good will towards men” spirit to me. So, this year, I’m getting to all those holiday movies I’ve never seen as well as viewing my favorites as well.  I begin with perfection…


A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired on television in 1965. I find its seemingly dated concerns of Christmas “turning commercial” quite poignant since, yes, I’m writing a blog about watching a movie as the peaceful alternative to holiday sale shopping. Christmas has, unfortunately, fully turned commercial to most and I’m afraid that with the rise of Black Friday shopping creeping further into Thanksgiving (leave us alone, stores! there’s cranberry sauce to clean off my chin yet!), it’s becoming downright savage (that’s why I shop small, local and slowly in November).

This mini-movie is amazing. Vince Guaraldi’s score has become a modern classic and Linus’s speech about the meaning of Christmas is one I sweetly throw at Scrooges this time of year. I admit, I didn’t see this tv special all the way through till I was a teenager. That’s when I noticed the little boy dancer in orange dances like my dad. Like, for real.

Last night’s viewing was fun! We figured we should have the boy sit and watch this one since it was a mere 25 minutes and surely he could squeeze that into his schedule (toddlers are very busy). He found Snoopy and Woodstock hilarious (as, I think, little boys are required to do) while my husband had the epiphany that I am Lucy. Good for him and his epiphany, I say.

We had hot cocoa and it was over all too soon. Good warm up for what I hope to be a month of heart-warming, cheeseball holiday movies. Deal with it, Scrooges.


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