Four whimsies

After dropping off the boy at school, I usually enjoy the minute I have to get my bearings after a morning of regular chaos. Yes, two hours after waking up, I finally take stock of what’s going on. Oh, yes, work. Onto work.

This morning, four things happened in quick succession that, alone, would’ve made me smile and daydream myself into oblivion (well, as much oblivion as is afforded when you’re trying to safely drive a car through morning rush hour).

1)  I saw a backpacked girl walking along the busy street toward the school I had just passed. Suddenly, she looked to her left and began happily running. I thought, wow, to be young and be spontaneously inspired by that surplus energy coursing through your veins to RUN FOR IT. Then, I saw what she’d seen. Across the vacant parking lot separating them, behind a fence and disappearing down an alley pointing to the school, was a backpacked boy. It was a race whose catalyst was a wordless glance. I can’t even handle it.

2) Then I saw a man, seconds later, walking-blinking- into the sun, into the brisk wind (we have winter for 5 minutes here, let us all enjoy it with grimaces and longing sighs for warmer times, please). He walked under the awning of an orange furniture store whose sign was written in graffiti font. He wore an orange coat with an orange plaid scarf and I wanted to jump out of my car and take his photo. But, again, the safe driver thing.

3) Enter the moon. The size of the sky. I’d heard yesterday was a full moon but I was too busy herding crazy babies and missed the actual moon in the night sky. Was it even visible with all the storm clouds? I’ll never know. But I got an encore that seemed made just for me. It literally was the biggest daytime moon I’d seen ever and it was barely discernible from the blue-gray sky it lay upon. So, I’m glad.

4) Our adorable little old cleaning man was sweeping up the front of the library when he decided to set down his broom and carry a bag of trash away. A white something fell from him and I thought (’cause I’m a jerk) “Yuck, trash” and I vowed to hand-sanitize myself right after I picked it up since littering (or letting litter happen) is no way to start your day. To my delight, I learned I hadn’t picked up trash but his monogrammed handkerchief and holy baloney, isn’t that adorable? As I chased after him, I realized I didn’t know his name (I did know it starts with an “H” but you can’t yell “H! Oy, H!” after someone, I mean, I wouldn’t respond to “K!”, okay, wait maybe I would; some people actually call me “K”). He was super grateful and my next goal in life is to be bold enough to ask people I see everyday what their name is.

I hope your days start with just as much whimsy.


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