Popcorn Marshmallow is a tribute to all those pesky little inspirations that plague me throughout the day and forbid me from falling into a non-creative life.

The words derive from a dear friend’s incessant need to associate two snack foods with a vocal warmup. I, being the slightly more accomplished chanteuse (I sing in the shower, like, everyday), have never heard of such a thing but I admire said dear friend’s persistence in the matter.

I believe pairing inspiration and persistence can only lead to beautiful things. This is my exercise to ensure that a little more of this happy union happens in my life.

Also, you should be forewarned that I consider commenting on things I find exasperating to be a creative outlet as well.

Who I Be

I am a 31-year-old librarian who wears black-rimmed glasses and cardigans and has had an affinity to wrap her hair into a bun since childhood. I have a ridiculously good guy and two laughing boys who are, I’m sorry, freaking adorable. I like red lipstick, 808, theme parties, rainy days and colorful prints. I write music, text messages to my parents, and on scraps of paper all day long. I live for art, kisses on my sons’ cheeks, and making opportunities to show love.


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