November 12 of 12

Good morning! You know you have unconditional love for someone when you let them take the first dip at new body butter.

Decaf and Greek yogurt and honey at the Starbucks

Zoo day! I got a little big sister bossy and made my brother and sister (whose birthday it was!) take the baby on the merry-go-round.

Once the resident of a zoo exhibit was spotted, he felt it was his duty to try and climb in there with them.

Christmas shopping. Someone buy me this. Yellow or red. I'm not picky.

Happy Frances Vintage purchase.

Happy birds between Frances Studio and Smeeks.

The scene as friends from out-of-town enjoy Carolina's Mexican food.

Monogram Christmas ornaments are a thing of mine lately.

Fight night.

Night night.


October 12 of 12

Chai cookies and decaf = a good way to start the day


In love with this hand cream. I say it should be renamed Katniss, however, because when I put it on I want to kick ass and not brood. I understand there are other people named Bella and that it is also merely an adjective, but I don't think it fits a grapefruit and black pepper scent.

They're getting ready for Dia de los Muertos altars at work, so paper flowers are plentiful.

Now reading

The boy's costume gathering is near completion. Then comes the tailoring.

19 more weeks? If you say so.

Brand spankin' new SolarWing cover parking.

Indulging his daily ritual of saying goodbye to his tree at Nana's.


Get outta here, crows!

So, I made dinner and just as I was ready to serve, Ya Ya showed up with Peter Piper.

No one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike.

...and because I love my pumpkins so much.

August 12 of 12

Good morning, sun.


The Giant Coffee cake stand display makes me happy.




Carolina's for lunch. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.


Rustic scene in downtown Phoenix.


Me's. Sigh.


Visiting the new baby and snapping a photo of his adorable crib sheet.

Freshly traded book already on the shelf. I'm proud for some reason.


Boys at night.

New scarf. Reminds me of autumn. I'm already there.


We found Disney karaoke on On Demand.

Belly photo outtake. That's right, ya'll. Chavez, party of 3 plus one. Coming February 2012. 🙂

July 12 of 12

Morning dash. These sandals got retired today. No support. They suck at being shoes.

I guess my neighbor's tree split in half over night?


Leftovers from a training I did. Stashed them in a drawer to calm my fear of dying of dehydration.

Fast food toys from when the people ignored my request for toddler-safe toys.

I'm on a lentils and Greek yogurt kick.

Our produce delivery is all about the plums and pluots these days.

Plums and pluots stain.

Pit stop at one of my favorite local boutiques, Purple Lizard. Mama needs a new Mexican oil cloth coupon wallet.

Bad mom. Dad's at All-Star game eating badly, so we will follow suit. *they gave me the toddler toy this time.

Someone learned how to turn pages on an eBook (and his life is forever changed).

Empty box to be exchanged for an overnight delivery of what I can only imagine to be more fruit that'll stain my clothes.

April 12 of 12

Hella early, but very welcomed.

Greeny delivery.


New Cath Kidston tea platter set.

Hail damage = new roof.

Quick lipstick application before tv spot. My kiss is crooked.

I'm unbelievably excited about getting a free apple just for checking into Urban Grocery & Wine Bar on Foursquare. I'm still talking about it.

Patio weather.

On top of that party planning thing.

The print on one of my sister's blouses was just too rad not to share.

Hole pants freak the child out.

Bedtime book.

March 12 of 12

Good morning! This is a hot week for houseguests.

Someone on Etsy (Tuesday Mourning) made a print to commemorate my favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! song (performed by The Roots).

I'm going through a pretty hardcore cookbook-collecting phase right now.

You do me, I do you.

Today, my mom taught me how to eat a cupcake with less mess. Unwrap the treat, pull apart the bottom from the top, place bottom on top of frosting and you've got yourself a cupcake sandwich. My mother is ridiculously cute.

The night before, I finished It. Maybe I'll actually pay attention to that ever-mounting pile of cookbooks on the table.

Not before I visit the soon-to-be-closed Borders and add unnecessarily to the pile.


If my child begged for bubbles before...

Nothing says mom and sister time like the timeless shenanigans of the Brady/Horton/DiMera clans.

Suddenly my whole family was in the back yard looking at the alleged space station ascending into the heavens. My iPhone captured something twinkly and moving. I can't really tell you I was looking at the right thing.

Obsession alert: Cake pops.

February 12 of 12

Good morning. Pick a book! Or the same book. Over and over.

You got your fridge photo.

Road trip.

It's always sunny in Arizona. Really.

My old dorm.

Güero Canelo.

Further proof of the glory that is the Güero.

Kennedy Park and ducks and sandwich bread and fearless toddlers.

The Christmas carol ice cream truck.

Like gold.

Trying out the ticket window at Bear Down Gym.

Office tv watching. Not the end of the night, but golly am I tired. Happy Febrero!

January 12 of 12

It began a Crunch Berries kind of day.

My old stomping grounds.

Chinese New Year-styled work luncheon. I'm a metal rooster.

Bag of tricks.

Checked it out. I might read it. There's really no way to know for sure.

This dog was totally flirting with me in traffic.

The only house on the block with their Christmas lights still up. Incidentally, the only house on the block with a one-year-old.



Got this old print at an Art History Club sale. Framed it. It's fancy now.

Snacktime was just picked up off the rug. Snapping this while giving a stern look.

Falling behind on my crosswords. The weeks are "passing by quickly (8 letters)" .

Saw an okay movie whose name is escaping me. IMDB'd everyone in it and realized I'm close in age to a lot of people I thought were much older than me. Also, Valentines came in (excited giggle).

November 12 of 12

Buenos dias.

Opened right to Scout Finch in my magazine. Just sayin'.

I want this website to be as lovely as I think it is.

Yes, I steal people's birthday gifts if they are in my favorite color. Sorry.

I thought my presentation needed this graphic.

The man in line in front of us had quite the night planned.

Caught red-handed with my new Farm Chicks Santa napkins.

My mama's famous Mexican rice.

That's right. I'm working on Christmas cards. They take a long time.


They were, indeed, the Perfect Brownies.

I love Christmas. What?