I didn’t forget about you, little blog. I think about you often. Whenever popcorn is brought up (NO, I don’t want any, gross) or marshmallows are mentioned (Rocky Road fudge season, what what), particularly. I literally have no time to do this. I know, I know, there comes a certain discipline with being a blogger, but I’m not one of those in any official or even non-official sense just as I am not an official baker, musician, or party planner. But I do all these things, to drive myself loco. It is this , I believe, part of what makes me me and causes those around me love and appreciate me so much.

So, just know that while I’ve been spinning in delightful circles at home, work and play, I’ve been enjoying every droplet of this wonderful time of year. And I’ve been thinking about blogging. Like, in my head, before I finally drift off, I write a little something. And then I start thinking about why I have so many polka dots in my wardrobe and I exhaustedly roll over and fall to sleep.

Also, yay Christmastime!